As a freelance designer, I cover work in all areas
of print and interactive design
︎Co-founder of Studio absurda*


Professional Experience

Since 2020

Co-founder Studio absurda*

Since 2021

Self employed designer for various agencies and clients


Visual Designer, Crafft AG, Zürich

Exhibition 2023



Bits n Bolts Festival,
Zentralwäscherei Zurich
4. – 5. March, 2023


As the second part of the series «Thank you for your data», the egg-shaped exhibit "EiC-U" collects digital information about visitors via facial recognition and prints it out in the form of personalized data sheets. By making our latent data traces visible, the installation raises the crucial question of who owns this information, who can access, and how personalized profiles influence surveillance and marketing.

Exhibition 2021

«Thank you for your Data»


ÖFF Space Zürich,
18 November – 18 December, 2021

Lenzburger Kulturtage,
30 – 31 October, 2021

Design Biennale Zürich,
12 August – 5 September, 2021


Design Biennale 2021

Bolero Magazin

Bellevue NZZ

«We love Lenzburg» Magazin


Curators’ Comment
Design Biennale Zurich 2021

«Thank you for your data» focuses on what is normally invisible and what we also like to ignore: the disclosure of personal data on the Internet. Once the process is initiated, there is no stopping it. The project – essentially an awareness campaign – makes us think. Design can do that, too! The project provokes on two different levels: on the one hand, it attracts our curiosity, comes across as inviting and playful and, as a consequence, shows us our own powerlessness. On the other hand, it visualizes the process of digital data processing with analog manner, which seems almost absurd considering the subject matter. The young studio absurda* fully lives up to its name.
– Gabriela Chicherio



Présence(s) Photographie,
Montélimar (FR), 2021

Publication «Nostalgie»,
Basel 2019

BelleVue «Paradies»,
Basel 2018


The photographic work «Nostalgie» delves into the fleeting world of childhood memories and questions the reality and construct of our perception. The Polaroid work was created slowly over a period of two years using an self developed technique. In the process, selected photographs from old childhood albums went through several transfer steps between analog and digital and were finally transferred to the carrier material in absolute darkness in the laboratory. This work was first exhibited in Basel, CH in 2018 and accompanied by a publication, and was on view in public space in 2021 as part of the photography festival Présence(s) Photographie in Montélimar, FR


EIGA Design, Hamburg


Graphic Designer EFZ, SFG Basel


Vorkurs, SFG Basel